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The Digital Mindset: Learn From the Past, Challenge Assumptions, Lean into the Future
Focusing on the Future
CEOs and their teams must think and behave in ways that maximize the use of technology to seize opportunities, address challenges, and solve problems. In other words, they will need to adopt a "digital mindset.”

.orgSource has studied the impact of technology on organizations throughout our 17-year history. During the last five years, Sherry Budziak, CEO and Founder and Kevin Ordonez, President and Managing Director of Digital Strategy have made positioning organizations for success in digital markets a priority. To grow expertise, they organized think tanks, conducted research, and wrote two books on this topic. In the process, they identified a constellation of skills we call Association 4.0.

A digital mindset encompasses many of those attributes. It is a way of seeing your organization’s activities that puts the focus on future potential over past performance.

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